Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I held her a bit tighter this afternoon

I had plans this afternoon, 100 things I wanted to do. Instead I let her fall asleep in my arms and held her tight for a few hours. After reading about Kelle and Nella, I could not let go of our little Tinymus. One of the mums in my Babycenter group posted a link to this incredible birth story, a story that moved me to the bones. Here is the Link to Nella's birth Story

Probably the most beautiful story I've ever read. Olivia was breastfeeding while I was reading, and the more the story went, the tighter I held her and the more I kissed her. I held our little Olivia tight, not because Olivia doesn't have Nella's condition, but because of that feeling of unconditional love that Kelle shows for her daughter(s) and shared with her readers. Such a lesson for all of us. Please go read her story when you have fifteen minutes alone.

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