Friday, March 26, 2010

Lost and Found - Inspiration

These past few months I had lost my photo inspiration. Not sure where it went. No mojo. Nada. And then last I stumbled upon Kelle's blog (cf her daughter's birth story in my previous blog post), and my brain just went "Audrey - why the h*** haven't you been taking more pictures these past few months??? Shame on you, girl!"....Yes brain, I am very ashamed, sorry sorry sorry!

Kelly's picture and experience as a photographer over the past few years have just made me want to go full speed with photography. Also, having our little Olivia around just makes me want to be more creative, to be a source of inspiration for her when she grows up. So here I come, ready to learn! I want you, my readers -yes, all two of you :)-, to hold me accountable for putting more pictures on this blog. There will be bumps in the road as I learn - but I am ready for them. Like we used to say when we were kids "Meme pas peur!" :)

Found: inspiration.

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