Friday, November 25, 2011

falls & thanks

Time for fall and time for thanks. Knitted sweaters & little girls laughing. Leaves flying in the air and pumpkin spice lattes with friends. Enjoying the crisp sun outside on a cold day, knowing that soon we'll be inside looking at the snow fall on New York. Oh, how I love falls. Oh, how I love thanks. My favorite season of the year. It's like life slows down, just a tiny bit, to allow you to breath it all in and smile.

It's been extra special for us, because we've had family and friends visiting. Having the other people you love in your house just makes our new home finally feel like home. Having a cup of warm tea late at night with everybody around the table. See my mom play with the girl, and my dad read to Olivia.

And that turkey, did I mention that turkey? Oh man, did we eat. We have the best of friends, letting us crash their family Thanksgiving party.

So, here's to a great life. Because, through all the harder moments, the essence of it all is just oh so-very beautiful.

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