Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Alors on dance....

We got music in da house, people :D

I finally got something to hook up our ipods so we can blast some sound around the apartment. And that's just what we do. Olivia shakes her butt with daddy. We dance around the living room. I tell daddy to treasure these memories, for the day he dances again with them on their wedding day :)

Olivia likes to teach her baby how to dance - her favorite song to dance to with the baby is Justin Bieber's "Baby" song. Duh. Here's a video, not on Bieber, but still worth the look:

And she already understands the importance of having great shoes to shake it around the dance floor. Good girl :) Caught her in the act, stealing my shoes - her favorite thing to do these days, I usually find her in the entrance, trying every single pair of shoe she can find.

The fall weather has brought all sorts of funky moods with it around the house, but we ride the ups and downs of life with awesome music, crazy dances...and pretty sheos, oh yes :). Oh, and tea parties. Did you know that tea parties are just the best cheering up session? Madeline is already a big fan.

So long friends!


Troels said...

First of all these girls are not getting married, they are mine, Mine, MINE!!! :D

Audrey said...

Is there a second of all?

Mélie said...

So great, so cute, so... you guys! ;)
Love, love, love!