Monday, February 14, 2011

Bali - part 2 of 3


i think it was one of my favorite days on the island. After spending the first few days in the very busy East part of the island, we hired a cab driver for the day to get us to the quiet and beautiful center of the island, the volcanoes....and a few surprise stops on our way to Kintimani :)

Like the royal family temple - if I remember the name correctly. And we stopped right on time for, guess what? A rain shower :D But we're no chicken, so ahead we went, to infinity and beyond!

As we were approching the area Kintimani and the volcano, our driver asked "waan to trrry Cat poop kofee eh? Verrry famus".......mmmmm excuse you? You said what??? Cat poop coffee?! Let's just say, his question took us a bit by surprise. But I had heard of this coffee before, Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world (read about it here), and despite Troels' shacking his head at me, we just had to stop. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, can't you see? ;) I mean, how often do you get the opportunity to drink cat poop coffee????

A little video of Soaz's encounter with Cat poop coffee - oh, and to top it off at that place, they at free tobacco that you could just roll as you pleased. Knock yourselves out, people!

When we arrived at the volcano, it was pretty cloudy.....but our driver said "luuucky you, no many clouuds today!". Yep, lucky us! The view was quite amazing though from the restaurant where we stopped for lunch.

On our way back to Emily's place, we took another road, one that took us through our first lanscapes of rice fields. I was just blown away. Hellloooowww Asia :)

Talk about one busy day! By the end of it, we were completely (cat) pooped. Ok ok. That one was too easy ;)....but hey, that's how I roll baby :D


Eyes had a hard time staying open that morning, so we stopped at the local Starbucks.

Another temple, another rain shower :D

And on our way to more stunning places and more rice fields.

We kept asking our driver to stop in the small small food joints on the side of the road so that we could eat like locals, but he just wouldn't do it for some reason - I think he was afraid of little sensitive western stomachs couldn't quite take it :) But at least he took us to a super quiet place, with the most amazing views. Bliss.

AND we got to testing out the oh-too-famous "Bintang effect".

Before Bintang.


After Bintang :D

On our way back to Emily's house in Canggu, the green goodness kept coming our way. "Got ricefields?" (r) Yep, we sure got our healthy amount of rice fields that day :D

Our attempt to stop at a Balinese hot Spring wasn't the most successful, to say the least........when we arrived some American girls were just leaving from it and whispered to me "Don't go, don't do it!" - mmmm, but of course, do I listen? Actually made me more curious about the place. Turns out they were quite right, the place was a big turn off.....but at least my dear hubby found a safe haven under the woman with the many.....what can I say :)

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