Monday, May 31, 2010

Ditte & Asbjorn, a happy beginning

I love weddings.

The make me jiggle all day and put an uncontrollable smile on my face.

Maybe it is the little girl in me that is still in love with pretty princesses and handsome princes and "they-lived-happy-and-had-a-lot-of-children" endings.

Maybe it is because of my childhood memories of the pretty ladies in white. When I was a little, my grand-mother lived right on the path between the town hall and the church where all wedding parties would walk. So every time we were at her place and heard the wedding bells, we would run out as fast as we could so that we wouldn't miss the beautiful bride. Oh the smiles on my face!

Or maybe it is because they remind me of the pure joy of my own wedding last year. Having all friends and family gathered in one room, it is just priceless.

In any case, you can just imagine how happy I was when Ditte asked me if I would like to take pictures at their wedding. I felt like she was asking me to be the guardian of their memories. So I clicked on my shutter all I could that day. And given that my understanding of the Danish language is still only slowly improving, pictures just became my way of living their wedding.

So here it is - a post of many images and few words.

The day started at Ditte's parents. The excitement was just bouncing off the walls throughout the house. Loved ones, all dressed up for the occasion, coming in to helping to plan the last minute details.

Even our little Olivia put on her party outfit that morning to welcome her "new" aunty in the family.

And little by little, Ditte transformed into a princess.

Getting into the dress that she chose months and months ago, back then only imagining what her day would be like. The dress that would make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world for the man waiting for her at the church.

And then there were many smiles.

And a few tears also.

Those of a proud father taking a first look at his daughter covered in white, probably singing in the back of his mind "I saw her first".

And the excitement mounting. Feeling more and more butterflies in the belly. It is almost time to go.

Time to leave the house. Time to go meet your man.

And you are getting closer and closer to him. And she to you.

And finally, the moment is here, sweeter than you ever imagined it. The eyes meet, and the rest follows its course.

All is sealed with a kiss.

A loving man promising to take care of his wife....

The hands of two newlyweds saying more than words ever could.

Oh, and the celebration outside the church!

So much rice was thrown, to wish them all the best.....Ditte probably found a whole bad of it in her dress when she took it off that night!

And throughout the rest of the day, kisses. More kisses than you could ever count. Kisses, to infinity and beyond.

And as the Danish tradition wants it, numerous speeches, just beautiful. Hearts speaking their words to the happy couple.

And in case you are superstitious, don't you worry! Cuts and veils were cut, so Tristan will hopefully have a lot of brothers and sisters coming soon :)

Asbjorn and Ditte's wedding was nothing short of happiness, beauty, excitement, laughter and cries of too much joy, friends and family hugging and loving each other. All the ingredients you need for a happy beginning. The beginning of a new chapter.

And a chapter that for sure is going ROCK 'N ROLL :)

Congrats again, we love you guys!

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