Saturday, August 25, 2012

The view from here

This is the view I've had since I hurt my knee + surgery. People's behind.

Oh, yes yes, every now and then they wait for me, and clap and laugh "wow, you're so fast!". Whatever they say. Me and my crutches we are BFFs by now. Except for it is more a love/hate relationship. Love that they can get me places. But hate....well, hate them, really.

It's been extra busy with our friends in town and my surgery - like, INSANE is more the word. But we've had SO much fun, and I'm so happy they came to visit us.

Olivia had the best time playing with her little friends. We'll miss you guys.....come back soon!

Since I can't go fast nor far, we've been keeping it easy, staying close to home. Luckily we've got tons of great park in walking waddling distance from our apartment. This weekend, it's been nice to unwind a bit, take it slow.

Olivia is turning into a little girl, and dare I say (close your ears hubby), a little artist. She draws everywhere she can (yep, you know what that means), whenever she can and with such focus. I love watching her lost in her drawings.

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