Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A good (Labor) day

A (very) good day spent visiting some friends in Jersey who just moved from Chicago.

 "What? Jersey?!!" We said. 
"We know. But it's not what you think. Come and check it out." they replied. 

 And so we did! You see, there's a clear prejudice against New Jersey when you live in New York city. Many New Yorkers actually call NJ the armpit of NYC. Now now, play nice people, because what we saw hardly looked (or smelled) like an armpit. NYC might actually win in the smelling competition - but that discussion is for another day.

 Anyway, we went out, and had a blast catching up on their new life, have a little BBQ at their place, and then heading off to the local zoo.

Olivia went on a carrousel for the first time EVER. I know. Please don't report us to Social Services for bad parenting. She was beyond excited and wouldn't come off. The happiness on her face, the smiles...you should have seen that. And Madeline was excited too - but I don't think she totally realized what was going on. She's still our little baby girl - even though that won't last much much longer!

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