Monday, June 4, 2012

Olive & Maddie in France

A quick post to share some of my favorite pics of the girls from the couple of weeks...just little snippets of our life so that daddy knows what's going on with his little girls, even if he is stuck in NYC right now :)

Love when my little Olive steals my hat.

The girls' favorite game: fill up their bucket with leaves and flowers. My mom used to have flowers in the garden before we arrived...
  We've been eating our afternoon snacks outside on the terrace almost every day. 

You can never have too many cups. No you can't.

Who cares about toys. Give her a laundry basket and she'll be fine.

Those blue eyes still amaze me every time.

Going to the market with mamie.

She found a peach in mamie's basket and stole it :)

She sure knows how to steal my heart away.

So many treasures to discover...

Here comes trouble!

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Miss Cris said...

Your girls are sooo beautiful! :) Just like their mother and father. Some great pics as always! xo