Friday, June 15, 2012

Sous le ciel de Paris...

Troels and I left the girls with my mom for a mini-vacation to Paris to visit Soaz. We hadn't escaped just the two of us since our trip to Bali, and it was good to escape without having to worry about having enough diapers for the trip or about how we could find ways to avoid stairs because of the stroller.

Among other things, I finally got to meet the gorgeous Noura (another of the "Soazquetaires", as Troels calls us) and her adorable baby Romeo.

We walked around the smallest streets of Paris, shopped in Le Marais, and stopped for a break in a small park - for once avoiding all of the tourist traps that we usually go to. It was enchanting, the Paris I always dreamed about but never really got to experience. So enchanting that our walk turned into a mini photo session of Noura and her little boy.

How could I not. That baby is so stinking cute :)

 We managed to squeeze in some culture, believe it or not! It is not really our strongest side, I guess life gets in the way of us spending time at the museum. But I am so glad we went to the Monumenta exhibit - I simply loved it! The shapes, the use of the light...I was transported back to the time when I as an art student and worked on crazy projects.

And of course, we went out for good food and drinks many times - Paris is like New York in that way, too many good restaurants to try, too little time. We laughed with each other. We laughed at each other. We talked until the end of the night. Really, I love hanging out with Troels and Soaz - they are, after all, my favorite persons in the whole wide world. Maybe because they are a little crazy like me :)

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Soaz said...

Hummm Love you and miss you soooooo much!
I had a great great time with you guys in Paris. :)
we have to make this happen again and again :D