Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet South of France - part deux, a.k.a the sun is finally here

The sun finally woke on Wednesday! We woke up, looked at each other, and didn't have to say another word. We took our coffee, tea, bread and jam with us and had breakfast outside in the soft light of the waking sun. Bliss.

We then headed of to the Calanques, steep-sided coves that are spread between the town of Cassis and Marseille. We hiked slowly through the day, and managed to see three of the eights lagon blue calanques, despite being rather unprepared to walk in the rocks - but again, I am talking about me here, the girls were rather prepared. Little old ladies rolled their eyes when they saw what shoes I was hiking in. Story of my life :)

The last calanque was by far the most beautiful, and we were so hot from the steep hike in the sun that we decide to go for a swim. Well, I went as far as my knees (pat on the back). The water was so coooooold! So instead I grabbed my camera to catch Sarah and Valerie swimming.

After the hike we walk around the gorgeous town of Cassis. Once again, there was beauty at every corner.

Later in the evening we met up with my junior high school friend Pauline, who lives in Marseille. She met us in Cassis and we went to a restaurant that we'll remember for a while - the waiter was something, let's just say....he ended up the evening telling me that I talked like a "prostitute". Say what?! Yes, I know, don't ask me. Anyway, we had a fun evening, and my only regret is that I didn't take a picture with Pauline.

 Thursday was our last day together before we all had to head back to our busy lives on Friday, so we went on a last walk on the rolling hills around our neighborhood. We got to say goodbye to our beloved olive trees, fig trees and almond trees before we said goodbye to each other. It was such a lovely vacation, and it went all too fast. But I know we'll hit the roads together soon again, so I am not too sad :)

All images by me, except for the images I am on - these are by my friend Valerie Boissel.

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Miss Cris said...

Oh how wonderful that you ladies were able to get together like this. I remember our time in Seattle fondly too. How busy life gets! So great you were able to take some time together and also in beautiful country - rainy or not! :)