Monday, May 7, 2012

Madeline's first birthday party

We put up the garlands. We put on party hats on and put glitter everywhere. We wiped some guacamole. We baked - yes, this time, we actually used our little hands and our little flour and our little eggs and BAKED! And of course, we invited a few friends. All that, to celebrate our little Madeline. A whole 52 weeks of her. And what lovely 52 weeks it has been.

Daddy made a traditional Danish "kageman" out of sweet buns for our little viking princess. With red hair. Of course. :) And yes, be jealous ladies, I have a man that bakes.

Madeline tried to blow her candle but she didn't get very far. So we asked for help - look at my little girls completely in awe with Nia and Isaac blowing abilities. It's like they have superpowers.

This is Esther with Olivia - one of the girls' babysitters. She's leaving to go back to Denmark soon, and we're so so sad about it because she's been nothing but fantastic with the girls. Olivia and Madeline run to her every time she arrives. Esther - can't you just move in with us and not go back to Denmark?

And just like we did for Olivia in January, we did a "when she grows up" poster for little Madeline - where we wrote things that friends and family think that our little girl will do or be when she's a big girl. As I explained before, we're going to do this every year so we can compare as the years pass. So this is version 1.0 for Madeline:

Happy birthday little girl! We love you to pieces!!

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Soaz said...

la photo de Maddie et Troels est top (enfin les autres aussi hein!), juste que la miss a graaaaaave grandi!!!!!! c'est une petite fille, plus un bébé anymore. rolala...