Monday, August 29, 2011

Surviving a hurricane

Well. If we can call eating too many chips and cookies while a few drops fall outside surviving. All that hipe, and in the end Hurricane Irene barely grazed New York City. Not saying that it wasn't dangerous in other cities in the US, but New york barely got to feel its winds. To the disarray of all the reporters that had been called in for the special event, we had fun watching the news and seeing them try to make a big deal out of something that clearly was.

I even dressed up Olivia in her hard-core Danish rain clothes....all for nothing. Barely a puddle she could jump on.

And the day after, we went out to clean up, you can see Olivia was hard at working picking up the three leaves and two branches that feel.


So instead, we decided to draw on the sidewalks, a much better use of our time :)

So long, Irene!

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