Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and other daily goodies

They say anything can happen in New York. Everything is possible. And yes, one earthquake and one hurricane in one week? New York says BRING IT ON! It's like Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. Ee wanted our new adventure in NYC? Guess we're getting just that!

So between book readings at the library and play dates at the park, we're stocking up on non-perishable whatever-we-can-find and water, and try to come up with a plan that makes sense if the path of Hurricane Irene actually meets New York. Because, if the earthquake wasn't a big deal (it was over because I realized what was happening, my first reaction was "Silly me, I must have left a window open, the wind got in!"), it seems like the hurricane might be another story. Because as it looks like right now, Irene is coming straight for the Big Apple. Oh, and minor detail, our apartment building is in the area of Manhattan that's most likely to be affected by the Hurricane. Minor detail in fact. Our building is right next to the Hudson river, so as the water rises and the rain pours down, it's most likely to make a big pool out of the entrance hall. We're so good at picking the right neighborhood :)

All jokes left aside, it's all very weird. The sky is clear, the air is warm right now. You would never know that it's coming. I guess it's true what they say, about the calm before a storm. I took a walk with the girls this morning to get a few morre supplies. Everything looked normal. Well, almost. People were starting to pack up their cars and go. The water aisle at the grocery store is already empty. And I try not to panic. "I'm not that kind of girl, I can't panic" I keep telling myself. But I can feel my heart stomping, stomping hard. No no. No panic.

So, now it's just a waiting game between Irene and us. See what she decides to do. Right now, the evacuate of Battery Park is only voluntary. Mayor Blomberg will decide by 8am tomorrow morning ih he makes it mandatory. If so, we'll go spend a couple of days with our friends that live in areas of Manhattan that are not threatened to flood.

We'll try to update you guys, if electricity allows, during the weekend. In the meantime, I'm gonna go have a beer, since this weekend is gonna be all about water :) And go give my girls a big big hug.


Lisa Granger said...

Welcome back!!! You have always had a talent of bringing crazy weather with you to the US :)

Audrey said...

Haha Lisa. Mmm not sure I would call this a talent. Not sure at all :D