Tuesday, September 6, 2011


That's how Troels likes to say it :)

He called me on Friday morning and said "We're leaving for Canada in three hours, pack our bags!" Well, mmmmm ok, yeah, like, Why? How? When? First thought that crossed my mind "OH NO! The US is kicking our pretty little butts out of the country!!". turns out, not. The US still likes us. It is just that our friends Y & Y invited us last minute to go celebrate Labor Day weekend in this little town a couple hours outside of Montreal. And, well, we're not really the type of people to pass on a trip with friends :)

Oh, and the best part of the weekend? It had a theme. As in a "let's-not-listen-to-people's-advice" kinda theme. Cut one. We want to go walk on a local bridge, claimed to be the longest pedestrian bridge in the world.

The people there tell us that it's going to be hard to get to it with a stroller, the path is quite narrow etc. But of course, do we listen? mmmm nope, I don't think so! SO there we go. And of course, the guys had to carry Maddie in her stroller almost the entire way. 2 or 3 miles that is. Not need for them to go to the gym after that one, hehe. But aside from that, it was a great little excursion, we played some music along the way. And some music was played to us. All was happy :)

Take two in our themed weekend. The day after we want to go up the gondola to go check out the view at the top of the mountain. We buy our tickets, go to the gondola, and here is how the conversion goes with the gondola guy that's there:
Gondola guy: "We don't take people anymore, it's starting to storm up there, too dangerous".
Troels: "we just bought our tickets. Are you sure you can't just let us go up and down? We won't come off the gondola"
Gondola guys checks with his boss: "Ok, you guys go, but don't come off at the top"

And of course, you know it, half way through our way up in the gondola, winds start picking up like crazy, there's lightning, rain pounding on the windows. We arrive at the top "get off now!!!! We're stopping the gondola right now, you can't go back down, go under the tent over there and we'll take you down with the pick up truck". Well. At least we can't say we didn't try to see the view! And, on top of that, we got a free trip in a pick up truck ;)

But moments like this make the best memories, among with the great (and some not so great) food, swimming at the lake, the wine festival, seeing the girls play together, watch postman per together....thanks for inviting us to Canadia Y & Y!

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