Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The four of us

It's been over a week now, just the four of us. Getting used to each other. Getting used to giving more love. Getting used to getting more love. So far, it's been pretty amazing, to say the least.

Olivia is so found of her little sister - yes, of course at first she was a bit jealous, but now all she wants is so see the baby and touch the baby and kiss the baby. If we let her she would take her little sister, put her in her little doll carrier and feed her crayons and flowers. :) This little Olive, let me tell you....we're in for a ride!

Trying to unlock daddy's iphone. Hiding mama's credit card in the bathroom cabinet. Trying to stand on everything she can climb. As her daycare puts it "Olivia is not afraid of anything. Here comes trouble!". Yep! And then, we also get this little girl, who can sit forever studying her books. Our little bookworm :)

With Madeline needing her mama quite a lot right now, Troels is spending a lot more time with our little Olive....and thank goodness that he can catch moments like these so that I don't miss them :)

Oh I don't doubt that we're going to have some harder weeks ahead of us, once the sleep deprivation really starts to kick in, and feels get so hectic that three weeks go by before I find time to take a shower. But so far, I'll claim the victories that I can - so here's to having found time to shower every day so far!

And on that note, we had a great weekend enjoying friends and family. Saturday we put up the celebration flags, invited friends over to introduce them to our newest little girl, and just enjoy rays of sunshine and some BBQ. Well, Madeline slept through the whole thing....but we know she was with us in spirits :)

After our skin got all the sun it needed and the last of ours friends were gone, we headed to Farum for a nice relaxing evening of hygge with Asbjorn, Ditte and Tristan on Saturday night.

Oh you should have seen Tristan and Olivia play and laugh together, running away from our tickles, singing together.

These kind of moments that make you feel so blessed to have we have.

How I love our family of four.

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Troels said...

When I read your posts I just want them to go on and on and on ... love you skat