Monday, May 30, 2011

Dodo l'enfant do

The past couple of weeks were supposed to be nothing but calm and chilling at home finding our new rythm with the two girls. Instead, our little Maddie got sick with an ear infection, which earned her her very first trip to the hospital at the ripe age of 3 weeks old. Needless to say, our quite little rhythm went down the drain. Thankfully Madeline is a little champ, and she kicked that ear infection in the butt, karate style.

Watch, Olivia....soon your sister will be able to karatke-kick your butt too ;)

And so, I am now taking also my revenge. And taking any opportunity I have to just enjoy holding my little girl in my arms.

Watching her sleep. Listening to every little breath coming in and out. Memorizing how tiny her feet and hands are, because soon enough they won't be anymore. And catching a glimpse of a smile on her face, when my guess is something pleasant crosses her dreams. Like, probably the thoughts of the next ration of milk she will get from her mama when she wakes up :)

Sweet dreams my love.

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