Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 weeks. 2 fast.

Before Maddie was born, I had those big plans for great shoots that I was going to do of her. I imagined I'd be taking my best pictures ever, because it was going to be my little baby for once, and I'd have all the time to just do whatever I wanted with her. But as it turns out, I've been enjoying just watching my little baby girl sleep, and the last thing I want to do is move her around and maybe risk to wake her - hehe, that's the tired mama speaking here :)

But I also knew that if I didn't catch her little hands and feet during the first couple of weeks, it would be soon too late. Before I'd know it they would already be too getting to big. So last Thursday, Troels was away for work in Finland, Olivia was sleeping at her grand-parents, and it was only me and the littelest of our little girls waking up with the sun after a (very) early morning feeding. And for some reason that escapes me, I not being tired enough to go back to sleep, I just sat there watching her. And I felt it. The urge to have pictures so I could remember this moment in 20 years.

And so I jumped on my camera, and took some pics. Quickly. Very quickly. Before my eyes decided it was time to close again and drift back off to dreamland. And now I am so happy I took these pics because I can already see the changes happening in her eyes, in her face. Oh it is so true, what they say, that these little ones grow oh-too fast.


Troels said...

our liiiiiiittle girl :D

Audrey said...

lovely lovely little Maddie spaghetti :D