Monday, June 7, 2010

A weekend of firsts

The irony of I am writing this, it is just pouring rain in Nivaa. Like my post from yesterday made the sky change in mind and all go to gray. Oh well, Monday morning weather it is, and regardless I am just enjoying listening to the rain drops tapping on the roof of the house.

So, with our very first real summer weekend of the year, came a lot of firsts - especially for our little Olivia.

First "dip" in the Baltic sea. We're not quite sure what she thought of it, her face was saying "Dude, guys! You never told me that water could be so cold!". Time to raise her the viking way!

Hanging out with girlfriends and going to the beach. Pia and Clothilde joined us, first hanging out at the house.

Look at them, almost independent! Hardly needing their mammas....soon they will be learning to drive and going to the disco. Hehe. Sigh :)

And then, because, why not....a quick escape to Nivaa beach.

It just never gets old.

The only thing that we were missing really were Pina Coladas! Not sure the girls would have appreciated the Pina Coladas in their mamma's milk though ;)

First trip on Far Far's boat. Steffen and Hanne took us on a quick boat ride on Saturday, and it was just lovely to hang out on the water.

On another note, with all that sun - my freckles are coming out. Mmm. Never know what to think of that. But hey, here they are, don't have a choice, so here I give you the freckles in the picture below :D

And it looks like Olivia enjoyed the trip as well ! Look at these little chubby cheeks sticking out of her life jacket.

Haaa I am going to eat her alive this little cutiepie.

The boys played with a toy submarine that Troels had been eager to try for a looooong time. They were just like children! Steffen, all dedicated to boats that he is, even jumped in the water so that he could better supervise the operations :D

And I, for the first time, drove a boat!!!! I almost felt like the captain of the Love Boat :D

It was, needless to say it, a good weekend, a very good first summer weekend.

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