Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"I am a sewing nerd" (understatement of the year)

Ok. It's official.

I am a nerd.

A sewing nerd, with that.

What's the remedy, doctor?

Lately I have been going crazy with photography, leaving behind all of my sewing projects.

So it was super nice to have my friend Katharina come over a few days ago. Kat is an avid sewer too, and she brought all of he fabrics with her so we could do a bit of "brainstorming".....

.....and it ended up going completely bananas. In the best way, that is :D

Because you see, Kat is as bad as me when it comes to sewing.....so the two of us together.....ohhhh dangerous. It led to this:

Us putting all of our fabrics together into a color wheel. Oh nerdy nerds :D And the worst part is, we had SO much fun doing it hehe :D Now all of that made me want really bad to take a trip to New York to find even more cool cheap fabric!

Oooooh the fashion district. Katharina is game for a fun week out there, and I think my Lilo is too! Anybody else reading this interested? Give me a shout out!

And the real outcome of our afternoon together? We've challenged ourselves to a few projects....now to see what comes out of it! Stay tuned for an update in a few weeks :)


Monica Lynn said...

FUN! I'm such an amatuer but I like to sew too! I made my boys diapers. I love fabrics! :)

Laura said...

I LOVED this post and especially all the pictures! :) YAY summer and cute babies!