Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain keeps falling on my head

The past week has been all about rain. Light rain, heavy rain, and everything in between....you name it. Remember when Forrest Gump is in Vietman and talks about rain? Yeah, kinda like that. In Seattle they call it Spring - well, a looooong Spring I'll give you that much, but spring nonetheless.

Here, they call the "Danish summer".

Tinymus and I celebrated the arrival of the Danish summer every morning in our big bed, listening to the rain tap on the roof of the house, the two of us cozied up under the blankets.

Oh the sweetness of having a little girl cuddled against you, and looking at her as she is trying to understand what's happening around her.

This morning she gave me what I think was her first kiss, and my heart just melted when I realized what she was doing. I picked her up from her bed and gave her her morning kiss. She looked at me with a smile in her eyes, opened her mouth as big as only she can, and smacked it wide open on my cheek. She stayed there for a few seconds, and when she let go she had the biggest smile and her eyes said: "Look look, I kissed my mama :)".

She is growing up so fast. Maybe it is because of all that food we've been giving her these days. Yes yes, one more milestone down: Olivia started solids this week! And she already wants to take control of the spoon!

Boy are we in for a ride :)

The rain fell down and somehow it got me caught up with all sorts of thought about the course of life. Where I have been, where I am right now in my life, where I thought I would go, where I think I might go. These days I feel that I am at another cross-road, having to decide which path to follow by imagining what the destination will look like. Damn...sometimes I wish I had a guide book you know? :)

Tonight though, the sun came out in the evening after a gray day, and all I wanted to think about was the good old "Carpe Diem".

So I picked up Olivia in one arm, a blanket in the other and we headed down one of my new favorite spots - only two minutes away from our house and wooohooo, guess what....no mosquitos :) Smits 1 - Mosquitos: 1

The minute I put my little girl on the blanket under the big tree, she wiggled and giggled like I have never seen before from so much happiness. She listened to the birds, and the cutiepie even tried to answer their calls with her own little screams.

It was priceless. These few minutes just made up for all the rain that had been falling for a week. Now your turn - go, go out now and enjoy life for what it is today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

Wishing you a big happy Carpe Diem!

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Soaz said...

I love this post :)
I can't wait to come and lay down with you girls...
I love the pic of baby O's feet in the grass.