Monday, April 19, 2010

In 'n out...and out.....and out...

Once upon a time, traveling abroad was a big deal. Long travels by boat or train. Straining farewells between husband and wife, the woman waving her soaked lacy handkerchief at the boat that was taking her husband away from her for god knows how long.

Last week I felt like that woman - without the lacy handkerchief, I am not that classy :D The erupting volcano in Iceland took us a few centuries back, leaving Troels stuck in London and us little girls in Nivaa longing to have daddy back home.

Note to self = avoid living near a volcano.

Thankfully, we weren't *completely* back in time, Skype helped make this unexpected adventure a little easier on us. Actually, rather pleasantly, it reminded me of the first few months when Troels and I were dating long distance - having "coffee dates" via the internet, sharing moments of talking and laughing together... and often, not saying anything. Just listening to each other, just enjoying each other's company - reading a book and knowing that the other one was just "there" if we wanted to talk. Bliss.

So wile daddy was stuck in L-town, Tinymus and I hung out in Nivaa.

Among other things, we made bubbles....A LOT of bubbles.

Tinymus also spent an incredible amount of time trying to charm me. Little cutiepie she is.

During the spring showers when I couldn't be out fixing our mess of a garden, I stay inside cozied up in a blanket and made a few more baby presents - because guess what, it seems like everybody is having babies around us and I am just loving this. More and more friends for Tinymus! The below is for Anders and Kath's little girl. Should keep her warm this winter.

And....I am ashamed to admit to it....but that week I had dessert for breakfast a couple of times. Not that having cake with my morning tea made me forget that Troels was missing in the house....but as close as I could get to it for a few seconds :) Gotta love that extreme sugar high at 7 am!

We're also lucky to have many thankful friends and family members who called and came to check on us, invited us over for some food or just to hang out - "hygge", a Danish favorite. It was such a nice feeling to feel this network of people around me!

Heidi and Isabella "hygging"

But making bubbles and coffee dates on Skype got old pretty fast, let's admit it. So with we *strategized* (all our friends know that we L.O.V.E *strategizing*) for the "Getting-Troels-back-to-his-Kroellemus-and-Tinymus" Mission. After many failed attempts, it resulted in Troels having to take five different trains and a ferry boat, and among other things hang out with druggies in the Koln train station and sleeping with suitcasse and bike on the train to Hamburg. Fun. I don't think he will complain about having to be in "monkey class: in a plane ever again after this journey :)

But oh - being reunited. Most. Wonderful. Thing. Ever.


Monica Lynn said...

I feel your story! I'm so glad you were able to find a way to get him home. NPR keeps saying that canceled passengers are still looking at days if not a full week before being rescheduled! You are amazing girl! Love ya!

And Jonas' nickname when he was a baby was bubs because he just loved making bubbles too! :) LOL I miss those days sometimes. But now we have lengthy discussions about superheros, animals and there's a trade-off hehehe.

Celine said...

Elle est vraiment choupette votre petite Miss!! Continues a faire de belles photos!! ;) Xx

Laura said...

I'm so glad Troels made it home! I mean, I knew he would, eventually... But you know, it seems he made it faster than many have! And the picture at the end of the reunion is SO SWEET! :) *hugs*

Also, your handmade baby scarf and hat are too cute! Do you sell these things?!

Audrey said...

@ Monica: I can't wait to see what her imagination is going to fill this house with :) In the meantime I am enjoying I am enjoying every bit (and bubble) of her.

@ Celinette: Merci Celinette! Je m'entraine je m'entraine. Y'a que comme ca et pis ca fait du bien!

@ Laura: It was so so sweet to see Olivia grin at her dad. She loves when he gives her bath, water, it's like their thing. I can already imagine them going diving together when she is bigger.

And as far as the things I make, not selling least not right now, but thinking about it though :)

Kelle said...

I got your package today! Girl, you are talented! These little presents are SO ME! They are beautiful and that was so incredibly thoughtful of you! I whipped that dress on Lainey as fast as I could and the little bloomers went on Nella within seconds too! The slippers, we can't wait to fit into. LOVE your stuff! Thank you!