Saturday, January 30, 2010

You know you live in scandinavia when...

...when you go see a match of rugby under the water rather than on a field of green grass. "what?!" I hear you say? Yes, that's right, underwater rugby! Shortly after we arrived, Troels joined a team of underwater rugby in Copenhagen. Now I can hear you smile and laugh right now, and say "oh another goofy thing Troels is making up!"- especially Greg, my little TOULOUSAIN with rugby at heart! I didn't believe Troels either when he told me there was such a sport. But it's actually pretty cool, look at this short video here:

Troels loves it since it combine his love for water, and yes, tackling people still :) Plus it's much safer for his bad knee, so a win win! Now the sport is cool, but going to watch the game...that's a different story! Tinymus and I went to watch a game - but from the surface, you miss all the action. Going to the game was a bit similar to watching doplhins swimming around in a pool of water, going up to the surface and diving back down. I really hope that someday I can watch a game in a pool that has underwater windows....or wild, go on the sideline with my diving equipment and sit at the bottom of the pool! Tinymus, on her end, just enjoyed her first time at the pool like any girl would :) It was warm in there, with distant noises of water probably like in my belly....guess she couldn't have asked for more!


Monica Lynn said...

Wow! What will they think of next?? But sounds like it's an excellant work-out!! And not fun to watch lol.

Greg said...

Putain j'ai rate ce post O_o.
Mais ca a l'air GENIAL !!!!!!
Je prends mon billet tout de suite pour le Danemark pour venir voir un match et feliciter Troels les yeux dans les yeux de ses choix sportifs a succes !