Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our little Viking Princess has arrived! Olivia's birth story

We were so anxious to see our little tinymus arrived so that we could hold her tight in our arms...and so that mamma would not fell like an elephant every time she had to get in and out of them....or up and down the stairs....or in an out the door for that matter! I just loved being pregnant, and I really was trying to enjoy these last few days as much as possible. But there is a point of no return for each pregnancy. A point where you say "Alright, this pregnancy thing was fun. Come now little one!". And here she is now :)

Olivia was born on Wednesday, January 13th at 9:37pm.

Contractions started that afternoon, and since I had been having a LOT of "fake" contractions the past few weeks (that's what cross-atlantic-moving-ikea-shopping-furniture-building will do to you I guess?), I didn't want to assume it was for real this time. I started Vicky Christina Barcelona.....mmm yeah. I still have to see the end of that movie now :D We headed to the hospital around 7pm, we could feel she would be coming pretty fast, our midwife agreeing with us on that. But little did we know! it was FAST people - even the midwife freaked out when she realized how fast little Olivia was coming. They started running around getting everything ready, without trying to show me that they were borderline panicking. This little girl was in a rush to come out it seems like. But quick labor is also synonym with intense labor - and oh was it intense. Troels and our midwife Kirsten kept telling me that it would be over soon, to which I replied every time "Damn it better be!". So yes a lot a lot of pain - but at least I didn't scream at Troels and call him all sorts of names during the could have been worse:D

And oh, they put her on my stomach.

And I looked at her. And looked at my belly below her. And looked at her again. And my belly.

10 seconds went on.

And BAM. It hit me.

Yes, my big stomach was gone. And yes, that baby on my was her who had been with me for the past 9 months, going everywhere I went, feeling everything I felt. Her. On my belly. Oh holding her for the first time. I was shaking. Maybe a lot of it was from the physical pain of labor. But I know a lot of that shivering was from holding my little girl for the very first time.

They brought some food and drinks from me on a tray....and along the food, on the tray, was the Danish flag. The beautiful Danish flag that is here used for celebration. The flag that is out on the table every time we celebrate a friend's birthday or a wedding, or an anniversary. Danish flag = MAJOR celebration. And oh did we have to celebrate. We had to celebrate this perfect little nose, and these perfect little toes, and every bit of perfection in between. I think that my love for the Danish flag (and all it means when it is out on a table) grew by at least the distance from the Earth to the moon and back that night.

Idag er det Olivia fødselsdag,
hurra hurra hurra
Hun sikkert sig en gave får,
om hun har ønsket sig i år
og dejlig chokolade med kager til.

Hvor smiler hun, hvor er hun glad,
hurra hurra hurra
Men denne dag er også rar,
for hjemme venter mor og far
med dejlig chokolade og kager til.

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