Monday, January 18, 2010

Nordic dreams

lots of Nordic dreams these days....and lots of falling flat on our butts - well at least for Troels, looks like Vikings can't quite stand on their feet after all :)

The move here has been better than I could have ever imagined. Things feel so good, so we are enjoying every minute, and every second of it. You would think that I would be tired of the snow and the cold by now, but far far from it. I can't help but smile and feel so at piece every time I look at the garden from the window. The patterns of the tree branches covered in snow, it amazes me every time - once I get my painting supplies from NY, I really want to try and capture that. A few pics from our first walk out with Olivia - sorry, you can't see her face on the pics, we had to keep this little girl warm under the blankets...that walk was probably such a well-spent half hour :)

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