Monday, December 28, 2009

want to move to Greenland, anyone? :)

After seeing this, you'll probaby all want to :) We all had dinner at Troels' parents, and Hanne made us Greenlandic coffee - she taught there for a year and loves their culture! She had told me about the Greenlandic coffee before.....but this was even cooler than I expected - it just puts any Irish coffee to shame!!! Ames sensibles (and Pregnant women) s'abstenir, this drink is quite strong.

So here is how she learned how to make it:
- You start with a shot of whiskey - which represents the strength of the Greenlandic natives
-Then add coffee - as dark as the long winter Greenlandic nights
- Then a shot of Kahlua - for the sweetness of the Greenlandic people.
- Followed by some whipped cream that you add on top of the drink - like the beautiful icebergs of Greenland.
- And last but not least, you heat up Grand Marnier in a spoon and light it up into flames, and slowly poor the alcohol on the drink, like the Northern lights falling on Greenland.

Now I can't wait for baby to be born to prepare a round for everybody - including myself :)

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