Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sweden!

The port of Elsinborg, Sweden

With my parents and Soazic visiting, we thought that a fine rainy day would be the perfect occasion to go visit one of our favorite places in the whole wide world - SWEDEN. Just a 15-minute ferryboat ride away from where we live, Danish people can thus very conveniently travel to their Scandinavian arch enemies. Let's just say that the relationship between Swedish people and Danes is very similar to that of the British and the French - That is, a very old love-hate relationship, fueled by who won the last soccer games and such other very crucial battles:) Haaaaaa good old grudges :)

In any case, a quick little stroll to walk (be pushed, for me) up to the top of the port....and back down to the ferry :) The weather was just awefull anyway, so we came back home where it was warm and "hyggelit" - a favorite and very important concept in the Danish culture, I shall tell you more about "hygge" in a later post!

Grrrrrrr Sweden! Nothing like swearing at your enemies in their own country :D

8-month pregnant women and stairs = just not the best combination!!! thanks Troels for giving me a hand though ;)

Dear Advertising: - Thank you so much for always making this world a better place! Please stay true to yourself. Love always, Audrey.

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