Friday, December 18, 2009

Spinning my wheels

Literally and metaphorically. With the cold and snowy weather we've had since we arrive, the wheels of the cars were spinning on a few centimeters of ice today as we were driving back from Ikea to troels' parents house - an almost daily ritual for us these days (The Ikea cafeteria almost feels like home these days "babe, will you have the meatballs again?" "No I think I'd rather have the salmon today?" - quite pathetic I tell you :).

And the wheels spinning and spinning and spinning around made me realize why exactly I've been feeling a bit frustrated for a couple of days- because my own wheels have been like spinning on ice! Going going going but yet not really moving: still working for AOL and waiting on news as to when my last days will be, buying things and things for the house and building furniture and yet we're still not quite able to move there for a few more days....and have contractions over contractions but I know that our little girl is tricking us and she's not quite ready to come out for a while (thankfully!). Of course, my wonderful pregnancy hormones are making me a lot more frustrated than I should be - Troels "Noooooooooooo you think?:D" .....but it is too much to just ask for a little push to get things going? :) Just a little push to get out of the ice.

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