Tuesday, December 4, 2007


....is the amazing movie I just saw tonight with Richard and some friends. Simple. Beautiful. I had the feeling of listening to the story of a friend, of being right there with the characters. A private invitation to their story. Chills in my body, smile on my face. :)

And the best part - it takes place in Dublin: Grafton, St Stephen's Green, O'Connell Bridge.... and Mountjoy Square, where she lives- and me :) Now, don't be scared of the Irish accent - worst case: use subtitles eh eh. The movie is great at showing life around here - oh that first scene is such a Grafton street classic, hilarious :D Although, I still can't believe they missed one BIG BIG thing....it didn't rain once during the movie :D Now, that's a BIG miss!

Anyway....go watch it. Now. Now :)

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