Monday, December 3, 2007

Jamming with the Japs!

Last Sunday, my Japanese friend Junshi (a harp player I randomly met walking Grafton street - ask me the story later :D :D) invited me over to learn how to make Japanese curry with his sister Kyoko and a few of his friends. Yum yum yum, oh the wonderful food! I don't think I ever tasted a curry that good - and adding to that, the pride that we actually made it - well...... Kyoko made most of it eh eh... probably why it was so good :)

In any case, I should have guessed that this get-together would have turned out a bit nuts :) All of the people invited knew how to play one instrument or another, and as we drank more Japanese beer, and Kyoko alway having tons of instruments laying around her appartment, I guess we all started to feel more.....mmmmm.... creative, let's put it that way :D The 5 of us ended up jamming with guitars, flutes, xylpohones.......... beer bottles :D We played anything and everything that crossed our mind, from a reaggae happy birthday, to good old Hotel California (ouch the singing :D)...and not forgetting what will probably become the bestselller on our Album (oh yes people! we are talking album here! :D), our special song for the nigh, "Hurry it's the curry!." :D Eheh. Alright. I know what you are thinking, "no more drugs for Audrey!". But most of you know that quite well that you won't be surprised at me actually enjoying such cheesiness :D Anyway, quite an interesting night, looking forward to the next rehearsal eh eh

Kyoko - quite proud of her rice :D

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