Sunday, December 9, 2007

The "But what is it exactly that you do?" group

Ooooooooooh I found the best group on facebook: the "but what is it exactly that you do?" group: for those who always have a hard time explaining their job to their friends and family. He he he I thought it just fit perfectly :D Because let me tell you.....being a Technical Account Manager in Online Advertising for MSN, not always easily to get accross. Yeah, so my grandma still thinks I have coffee with Bill Gates every morning, my friends constantly ask me if I could find the Hotmail account password that they lost for the 10th time, and my parents call me every time they have a virus on their computer...hellooooowwwwww people :D :D :D In any case, this groups is just hilarious - if you are a French speaker on facebook (yeah it is all in French), go check it out here and you are going to be cracking up at people's stories for a good 1/2 hour. Such good therapy for the mind :) for once I will say: thank you facebook!

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Katie Watson said...

Oh goodness, there certainly needs to be one in English! We should create one...because let me tell you, you go anywhere in this ad ops industry and even your supervisors aren't 100% sure what you do! lol

Miss ya!