Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas y'all :) I hope you are enjoying the holiday season just as much as I am... my Christmas is the merriest of all, how sweet to be back home to spend time with the family. Feels all warm inside :) Last night with my mum side of the family, today with my dad's side. LAst night was such a blast - too much good food (mmmmmm those frogs and snails :D), too much good wine and way way too much fun. We did our round of silly presents once again - people really worked at it this year hehehehe, between the Thirst Extinguisher full of Pastis to the giant calculator. We were cracking up the entire evening, so much I had cramps in my stomach :) And today - well, more food on its way, and more time with the family.

Time and laughs with the people you love. Best present in the whole wide world. Could not ask for more :)

1) My dad and aunt Maryvonne smiling away :); 2) Cedric & Emma; 3)Jef and his giant and oh-so-pink calculator; 4) mmmmmm champagne!; 5) Tata Maryvonne and her "no-thirst" helmet; 6) Caught; 7) Emma, Cesar, David and I with our pretty hats :); 8) my sister and her giant lighter; 9) Cesar, Nath and I;

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