Friday, July 17, 2015

10 things I love about you, Olivia #3

My sweet and silly little Olive,

What an amazing adventure it is to be your mama! Every single day you make me dream and smile because you come up with such things. You are growing up into such an beautiful little girl, I can't believe you are done with preschool already! Here are ten things I love about you right now:

1. Your colorful artwork. I just finished setting up our project room downstairs, and every day you'll sit there with me and draw and draw and draw. Oh the colors you use! I am always getting inspired by your work, you just have a natural way with colors and patterns and I can't wait to see where all this takes you!
2. Your imagination. you don't know how many times this year you teachers told me "We wish we could go into Olivia's brain and check out her little world in there!" You are always making up stories that you are telling or drawings!
3. The wholes between your bottom teeth. You just lost your first too teeth! and they remind me that you are growing oh so fast. It's a good reminder though - that I need to make the most of the time I have with you because soon you'll be too big to even want to hang out with me ;)
4. Your pink rainboots. You are going through this phase where you are wearing your rainboots EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. Miss Terry at school says it is part of your signature style now :) You insist that they are your most comfy shoes....haha that or I am doing a terrible job at finding comfy shoes for you :) Truth is, I love seeing you in your pink rainboots.
5. Your thousand flowers. You are ALWAYS picking flowers.....or trying to sneak behind my back to pick flowers. You are obsessed with them, and one of your very favorite things to do these days is to go on a nature walk around the neighborhood. Your buckets and pockets and whatever container you have on hand always come back filled with flowers.
6. Your bed covered with books. Not matter how often I clean them up. Every night you fall asleep with 20 open books around you. Sometimes I even find you using books as a pillow. I keep wanting to take a picture of that because I love how much you love books. I can't wait for you to learn to read next year - you don't know it yet, but it's going to open so many amazing worlds to you!
7. Your obsession with my hats. You always try stealing my hats. You say it's because you want the same hats as me, but I buy you hats and you keep playing your game of stealing mine :)
8. You're a little fish. You haven't quite learned how to swim yet (mama and daddy need to get the ball rolling with swim lessons!) but you will NOT wear floaties anymore. And quite frankly you don't need them. You may not need the technicalities of swimming yet but you are as comfortable in the water as a fish - you actually spend all your time exploring underwater and just coming back up to breath when only you need :) Daddy is trying to teach you what he can when we go to Orinda, and that makes you oh so happy!
9. You make friends anywhere you go. I think that was already on my list last year, but you keep being the most sociable child I know and wherever you go, you just make friends. It takes you a whole two seconds and with a smile and a laugh you've got a new best friend. I find this so amazing about you. I hope you always keep that confidence to go towards people you know and make new friends.
10. Your strike against underwear. Every single morning I have to fight with you so you'll wear underwear. What can I say, you're such a free spirit ;) I won't give up, though, little girl :)

Please, my Olive, just stay exactly as you are because you are such an incredible little girl.
Love you so much.

xoxo, your mama

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