Friday, July 17, 2015

10 things I love about you, Madeline #3

My sweet and funny little Madeline,

I don't think I know another child like you. You've always been so aware of the world around you and you're so smart - something tells me you'll quickly get your way in this world because you will just figure out how to get what you want ;) Last year of preschool for you this year and I want you to play play play all you can before you have to go to elementary school and homework starts! Here are 10 things I love about you right now:

1. what an amazing big sister you are! Since Freia arrived, you've proven to be such an incredible sister. You take care of her, play with her, try to make her laugh when she's upset - and you always succeed. And Freia loves you so much! all of our friends joke that you're always ready to babysit because you are so just so good and caring :)
2. you always ask "mama, what can I do to help?". Seriously. Like 20 times a day. You love helping me, and I love teaching you how to do things! What I love the most is to cook with you....I think you're going to be quite the little chef in a few years from all that helping mama in the kitchen!
3. Your determined little mind. Your arguments baffle me, to the point where I simply can't say know to your requests most of the time ;) You are just so logical and determined and I have a hard time fighting that. Daddy says you'd make a great sales person when you grow up ;)
4. that you're playing around to find the fine line between lying and being cheecky...and it's not always easy ;) When I catch you lying, you'll go into shy mode and feel bad about it, but I know you didn't mean to do anything wrong. So we take you on our laps and give you a big hug and kisses. We don't talk much about it because we already know that you's just about finding that fine line ;)
5. How much you love gymnastics. A few weeks ago you told me "Mama, I just want to do gymnastics all day and all night". Me "Oh ok you don't want to sleep anymore? nor to school?" You:"Mmm ok I guess I can sleep a little and go to school to see Nila, that the rest - gymnastics!". You've made so much progress and I hope you keep enjoying it for years and years....I know I did growing up :)
6. All your goofy goofies. That how you call the minions. You've been obsessed with them for months and you need everything to have minions on them. When I saw the super bright yellow footie PJs before christmas, my first thought was: "wow these are crazy....Madeline's going to love them" And you did. And then just last month you asked me "How did Santa know I love googy goofies so much?" Clever Santa :)
7. That at night you always manage to sneak in your sister's bed so you can sleep together. If she says no, your answer will always be "but Olivia, I am so scared at night" even though, really, you aren't. But you know Olivia will say're too smart for your own good, little girl ;)
8. Your laughter. You have the same laugh as your daddy, I call it the dolphin laugh. It's music to my ears :)
9. That you'll change outfits 4 times a day, and always need accessories. Hats, jewelry, crowns, swimsuit on top of your clothes, tights and socks together, you try it all and you love to layer and change :) That, or go the extreme opposite - run naked around the house  ;)
10. We have the same mind. You don't know the number of time where I notice something, or just am thinking about something, and bam, you'll just ask me a question about that exact thing I am thinking about. You notice everything and remember everything - and I just can't hide anything from you.

You are such a special little girl, my Madeline. Don't ever forget this - you're my little 4-leaf clover!
I love you to pieces,

xoxo, Your mama

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