Friday, July 17, 2015

10 things I love about you, Freia # 1

My wonderful little Freia,

What a joy it's been to have you in our family since you arrived! Daddy and I keep joking that you are the perfect little girl and that little-sister-in-my-tummy will probably be a tough baby to make up for how easy your are. Just promise me to stay easy though teenage years, ok? ;) You are pure sunshine, always laughing and trying to make us laugh, and here are my 10 very favorite things about you right now:

1. that your first words were happy, pickaboo and bagel. These words say a LOT about you, I think :)
2. the way your eyes are turning green right now. At first I thought you'd have blue eyes like Madeline, but nope - you're gonna have the same pretty greens eyes as your daddy!
3. The way you always tilt your head so that our forheads will touch and we can look into each other's eyes. You like to do this the most when you're eating, and I melt every time. You are a little piece of cuteness, little girl!
4. You know how to get our attention. When I am doing something on my phone and you want my attention, you won't scream, you'll simply come over and put your sweet little face between me and my screen. And you smile, because you know it worked :)
5. You are always finding things to blow into, something that you can make music with, and playing one piano. DO I see a future musician in you?
6. You LOVE just being in the middle of the action. You get mad when daddy takes the big girls somewhere without taking you. You make him know alright that it's NOT ok. No Freia left behind ;)
7. You love imitating us and your sisters. The way we move. The sounds we make. When we laugh. Already in my belly, I'd push on your little feet and you'd push right back. We could play that game for a looong time! I love that you're still doing that outside of my belly too :)
8. Your appetite. You'll literally eat ANYTHING! Well, no, you won't eat the pre-made food in the jars, I guess that's not fine enough for your taste buds now ;) Oh I know that will probably change, but for now we'll get you to try it all! If not a musician, maybe a food critique then?
9. Your long cuddles. You'll just come over and give the sweetest cuddles, out of the blue, to the people you love the most. And it's simply the sweetest thing.
10. Your sweet cheekiness. You are always laughing and always trying to make us laugh. You are so aware of social situations, and what's funny and you're always trying to see if you can make us crack up. And you KNOW when you are doing something that's a little cheeky. Oh boy do you know :)

I can't wait to see you grown and change this year, and learn so much more about you!
Love you to the moon and back, my little Baba girl!

 xoxo, your mama

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