Thursday, March 6, 2014

30 weeks!

Can't believe I am just shy of 30 weeks! The big 3.0. - craziness!

We're so looking forward to meeting our little girl, and I know that anxiety to meet her is only going to build up from here on out. She's getting so strong, and now not only can I feel her move, but I can also feel the tiny parts of her body if I rub my fingers on my belly while she kicks. So fun! A couple of days ago I was explaining to the girls how, once their baby sister is born, there won't be anymore babies in my belly - and Olivia says outraged: "but MAMA! We want a baby brother too!!!!". Haha right - coming right up, m'am. So much for thinking I am in charge of my own body, my kids are already making decisions for this family ;)

 I am still nesting like a mad woman - probably what I'll be doing most of the weekend, unless we decide to go on a random family adventure  somewhere in the Bay!

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