Saturday, January 7, 2012

Give them cake

We were getting close to Olivia's birthday while on vacation in France, so we decided to have a cake on the last day we were there before taking our train for Paris. And I am so glad we did. We didn't get to celebrate her 1st birthday with my parents last year, and who know where we will be next year....So this year, we got to do that. I am all about living in the present these days. Maybe because of this book I am reading, called "Today matters".

Anyway. It was good to celebrate. And that means more cake for her. More cake for me. Everybody is happy. Marie-Antoinette would approve.

In her presents, Miss O got (yet another) pair of heels, this time pink ones, from my sister. Between these and the red princess heels she got from Ditte at Christmas, there's is not way not to know it: she is a GIRL. Soryy hubby, your hopes that Olivia would be a tom-boy and play football with you are now forever crushed :)

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