Monday, January 16, 2012


Somedays I don't like that Olivia was born a couple of weeks after Christmas. But in a way, I love it too. Because it's like the celebration and spirit that we have all of December gets an extra kick. Gloomy January isn't so gloomy anymore.

We put up all sorts of colors in the house.

We blow balloons.

We bake buy cakes.

We have friends over.

Our home is happy as can be.

So is our little girl.

And we made it last, for as long as we can. Starting on Friday morning, we had hot cocoa, facetimed with farmor and opened presents, all at the same time. Olivia got a bicycle, it was love at first time. She's can barely manage to get up on it herself - and we've told her many times what the pedals are for, without much success- , it doesn't matter. "Mig, mig, mig" (me me me) she says pointing at it. Yup, it's hers, all hers, and she knows that.

On Saturday all of her friends came over. You'll tell me, how many friends can a 2 year-old have? Well, turns out, she's quite popular this little one. Of course Maddie was here, and also Ella, Lola, and her friends Isaac and Nia. We had a full house.

We opened Olivia's present, and I will remember this for a long long time: Olivia got a barbie doll, and as I was opening it, all the little girls came around me, and looked at me with their eyes so so big. It was like I was holding gold in my hands. I wish I could have taken a picture of this.

Before Olivia's birthday, I asked people who are close to them one question "When she grows up, Olivia will..." and noted their answer. And for her birthday, made this giant poster, wrote down their answers, and the people who came to the birthday also got to add to it. I'm planning on doing this every year for each of my girls, hopefully that can inspire them and show them that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. You can't see all of the answers on the pics (and some of them made it to me after I took this pic), but they are all on the poster, which I am keeping for my little Olive.

The rest of the weekend was more chilled out but we still had a blast. Madeline is starting to crawl, and play on her own, and play with Olivia more. Which makes Olivia happy. Most of the times. Except when Maddie goes for the dolls. Then Olivia comes to her sister saying "Non Madeline! Attention!". The joys of sharing, in the theaters near you very soon :)


Elizabeth said...

Happy, happy, happy (belated) birthday, sweet little Olivia :) Hope you had a good one... actually, I'm sure you did. Your mum really did a fantastic job... look at those little pom poms on a string and on sticks... and that lovely poster your mummy made for you. And you are just all smiles... Tell your mum I might have to steal her poster idea for Charlie's namegiving party in March :)

charlie pOp said...

adorable !
quel joli anniversaire !
et quelles belles photos !
j'adore l'idée du tableau des Plus tard !