Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big girl, small girl

I know they will always remain my littles girls. No matter what. that's not even up for discussion. But some days, they both seem so big to me. I wish I could just stop time. And then, the next minutes, they look smaller than I remembered them. It's like magic. Time is a funny thing like this. One day you want the kids to be big already so they can do things on their own, and the next minute wishing to get back to the day at the hospital when I first looked into their eyes.

All of the kids in NYC are going back to school today, and that made me feel weird. Made me think about the day, not so far away from now I know, when Olivia will have her first real school day. My baby girl. Reading a book on her own like she doesn't need her mama no more, and then the next minutes, reaching for a little mouse and her pacifier.

And my little Maddie. Getting too big too. Trying to grab her feet or anything that gets too close to her, for that matter. With a tiny little fists. Looking at the world with her beautiful big blue eyes. How I hate the lack of sleep at night, but how I love everything else about having a little baby girl to cuddle with.

And, it won't be the first or the last time that I say this, but I love. LOVE. seeing how they are getting closer and closer as sisters. Granted, their hugs look more like a wrestling match to me than anything, but they have their own thing going on and I just let them be.

Love you both to pieces.

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