Sunday, July 17, 2011

A week, to remember....

*....this day. It was two years ago, and going through all the pictures again this week, I felt it all again.The overwhelming amount of love. Words I will never forget. All that happiness from having friends and family with us. My girls in pink. The laughs we had watching a band of Danish boys rapping away to tell me "Give Troels a chance" - ok ok. I will. Twist my arm :)

And the thousands more wonderful moments.

*....what family means around here. My grand-mother invited us over the lunch on Bastille day, a perfect occasion to stuff ourselves with her yummi comfort food.

We spent a few hours just hanging out. Litteraly. We didn't speak much. We were just....there. Together. Enjoying the simple things. Taking naps. Spending hours looking at old pictures.

Taking breaks between courses to take a walk in Mémé's garden.

Looking at each other. Looking after each other. Four generations observing each other, learning from each other.

We may not always speak our love out loud. And that love, it may not always be easy. But we know it's there.

And sometimes, old stories that make you laugh or bring tears to your eyes come to the surface. Like last night when my dad told me the entire story of when my grand-father died. 38 years ago this week. My dad was 15 at the time and alone with his dad, away from home, when my grand-pa had his heart attack. I'd heard bits and pieces over the years, but last night was the first time I heard it all. Thanks daddy.

*....that I love what I've been learning this past year. And that is, snapping away with my camera :) I had three photo sessions scheduled this week. A new born session, another one for two little boys, and on Wednesday I also took maternity pictures of my friend Clothilde. She and Brieuc are expecting a little boys for the beginning of's just a little teaser Clo :)

It was a warm warm day, we drove all the way to their little house in Janze with the girls and made a girl day out of it. Had lunch in the shade of the back yard. Snapped away. Stuffed ourselves with crepes. Snapped away again. Went inside to escape the mid-afternoon summer heat and danced in the living room. Snapped away some more. And came back out to enjoy the late afternoon sun :) And that, my friends, is the definition of a perfect afternoon!

And I just spent my time this week thinking about how happy people were when I was done taking the pictures. What it means to them, to have these moments of their lives captured. I feel so blessed that I can do this for them.

*...of course, to be kids and enjoy the little things. Like an afternoon snack under the walnut tree. And making faces until our mouths hurt from so much twisting :)

Hoping you are all having a lovely weekend! Remember to enjoy the little things. And the people you love.


David said...

On dirait presque un sourire sur le visage de mémé ;)

Audrey said...

Mais oui David! Tout peut arriver :) Tout!