Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nouvelles rencontres

When we come back home, it's usually always about good old this and good old that. Friends we had not seen in a while. Things I used to love to do when I was a a little girl in the village. Nostalgia beating me up from left and right. But last weekend, we spiced things up. Last weekend was all about new encounters.

New is good, we like new. Well....ok....maybe Miss O didn't think as much :D

On Saturday we took her to the hairdresser (and old friend) Alain for her very first haircut....noooot exactly to her liking :D If you asked her, she probably was happy with her hair just the way it was. Oh she was happy to play with the combs and brushed and million treasures she could find there, but she'd try to escape every time we got near her hair. Good thing Alain had tons of books to distract her! But hey, I have not doubt it will grow on her....before I know it I'll be complaining about the hundreds of dollars she'll want to spend getting the latest haircut to be cool like her friends :D So I'll take the complaining for now.

On Sunday, Soaz and mister R came all the way from Paris for a quick visit to the wild wild west. We had sportsy morning playing swingolf and pretending to be monkeys up high in the trees- itmight not qualify as sports to many of you....but it was more exercise than I've done in the last....mmm...century???.

All accrobranche pics by Sebastien Poullain.

After all that sweating and huffing and puffing, we came back home for well-deserved drinks under the walnut tree, a nice BBQ and chill time around the pool.

And another series of crazy pics with the girls. Like we didn't have enough from the previous weekend :)

My dad also had a great weekend, meeting new people, possibly new customers for his business. Lots of sparkles in his eyes. I think that right now, he has all he can possibly ask for. He is a happy man.

And this little girl. Always dancing. With a big smile on her face. Every time she ears the slightest hint of a melody. Even late in the evening when we've been out and about all day and she's getting tired. That's not new, oh no. But that, that is something that I will never ever get tired of watching.

Another great weekend to add to the ever-growing list of lovely memories we'll keep with us from this summer back home.


Mélie said...

J'aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime j'aime j'aime j'aime! :)))
Bisous bisous!

David said...

Excellent les photos, ça me rend triste de pas pouvoir être là avec vous ! Plein de bisous !