Friday, July 8, 2011

Fast forward

I started taking care of him he was little. Oh-so-little, only three-months new when I first saw him with his parents at the Epic Cafe in Tucson, when they interviewed me for the job. I was still a student at the U of A, and all my afternoons I spent with him and his brother. This little pig, running around the house :)

Fast-forward a few years. Here is my Nicolo-Rigolo. So much bigger. But as always, the sweetest of souls :)

The millers are visiting this week. adding a lot of chaos (as always with Cal and Nico) and a lot of wonderful conversations (as always with Brad and Lindsay) to our week. I really missed these guys, and it's great to be able to add to our pool of memories. Tucson seems so far away now, and yet. Ha, nostalgia again, didn't I tell you in my last post? :)

Funny thing is, Nico is now helping me with my own kids :) Pushing Olivia's stroller when we go feed the little ducks at the pond.

Such sweetness to watch the kids run around the lake. So many memories coming back to my mind. I just sipped it all in. And clicked on the shutter many times to make sure I didn't let these new memories escape.

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