Monday, March 28, 2011

Zoom Zoom Zoom we're going to the zoo :)




This was Tinypuce's diallogue with all the little and big animals she saw on her first trip to the zoo.

She opened her eyes big oh-so-big, smiled, laughed, ran around with daddy.

A good day all in all, so to say :) Except for I'd been a bit too optimistic about the spring, and didn't get us dressed enough.....and we literally froze our a***es off! And I was looking at all the other Danish mums, always so prepared for whatever.....looks like I am not done learning how to be a good mamma ;)


They walk like Olivia.

Or she walks like them.

Except for the puts her arms up with a big "Hey everybody, look at me!"

It is so funny to watch her practice her walking, she's so proud of herself and so happy she's getting fast and faster at escaping her parents :) We're in for some troubles!

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