Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas CAN be scary :D

Troels and I went on a little gateway weekend, not too far, just to New Jersey, because we wanted to go ooooooooooh-shopping at the Woodberry Commons on Saturday. On Friday night Troels booked a room in a small bed and breakfast place - and if the fact that Christmas was approaching hadn't hit me sure hit me right in the face as soon as we entered the house. The place was a lovely little house....but it just looked like Santa litteraly threw up in that house :D

Christmas song books on the piano, red and green decorations EVERYWHERE, etc etc....oh but my favorite of all? The woman's display of her collection of Santas. Just plain scary...and this was just a small bit of what she had. Santa has never scared me off before.....but I think that that night I actually had nightmares. Never thought I would ever say this, but actually....too much Christmas kills Christmas!!! Get off the red and green people!

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