Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where the party's at :)

Looks like our little Tinymus is having fun in there! Going left and right and up and down.

Tinymus - I am wondering what you've been doing in there, turning my belly into your little playground? hehe You've been hard to catch though! I've been trying to get this video for a few days. You usually stop moving as soon as I grab the video shy before birth, are you? :)


Troels said...

That is AWESOME :D :) Hiii kidddoo, I'm coming home noE!! Lotsa love from Finland :p :)

Anonymous said...

she goes around and around and around

vaneschris said...

c'est extra de voir ça moi il bouge dès que je suis en position assise se p'tit malin mais vivement qu'on voit leurs frimousse a tout les deux..
Vane, Toph et Clinti
Est passe le bonjour a Marinnette (c'est son surmon)