Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! The 52 Blessings Project

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I really missed this holiday last year in Ireland. And even though Troels and I could not make it to Arizona to celebrate with the Foremans, nor have a traditional Thanksgiving making our stomach explode from all the food - we've still had a wonderful time. I was able to drop my crutches finally -still the brace, but no crutches! Getting healthier - definitely one of the things that I am very thankful for. Among other thing. This year has been quite a year...and I expect next year to be just as all over the place:)

So today, instead of joining the mass for much shopping on Black Friday, I went out to take some pictures with T, and started the 52 Blessings Project - click here. Every week, for the next year, I will add one picture of something I was grateful for that week. The spirit of Thanksgiving is so great - so why not make it last a bit longer! Here is my first picture...sorry that I am starting with the obvious hehe

Monday, November 24, 2008

From the roofdeck of our new apartment

Just got a new camera, can't wait to be able to waddle along the streets of NYC to take a billion more pictures!

LOVE this picture of Troels :) - despite all the shadows on his face.

The C-C-Clan

It is hard, in New York City, to get a smile from someone in the street - I mean, a genuine smile, not from someone who is hitting on you. Let's not even talk about a "hi" or a "how are you" like I was used to growing up in my small village. Unless, as I've discovered recently, you are part of the C-C-Clan. Now I hear you say "what the h$#@ is the C-C-Clan? Isn't that a little off limits for you my little Frenchie???".

The C-C-Clan. A.k.a, the Cane-Crutches-Clan. Today I went up to Gramercy, took the subway for the first time in forever. My path crossed with that of a woman with a cane, and I got the friendliest "hi" I've ever received in the streets of New York. And that kept on going as I made my way through the streets. Old people wishing me well, etc. I suddenly felt part of this very cool "VIP" club where only a few people where admitted - hehe and thank goodness for that!

Anyway, I guess walking with crutches as its perks. Well, sorta :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

mmm drugs!

yeah that's right! If it wasn't for those painkillers. The knee surgery went really well, now starts a looooooooong period of physical therapy. But things are looking up already!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I was laughing then....

...that was before the surgery. Enough said! Let's fix that silly knee of mine!!! :D

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


ROSA sat,
so that MARTIN could walk,
so that OBAMA could run,
so that our CHILDREN may fly.

What a wonderful moment of history to be living today! Feels surreal almost :)

Hahaha love this election

A few more hours and we will know who will be in charge of saving this mess! CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Finally, Bush out!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Craving sushi? Hop on the skateboard sweetie!

So last night we were craving sushi, and of course we could have ordered in....but we really wanted to go out in the streets to see all the people with their Halloween costumes on the way. Our sushi restaurant was too far for me to walk with my crutches, but too close to get a cab.....soooo we came up with a solution of our own: Troels' skateboard, and he grabbed my crutches and pulled me! hahahha how much fun we had - and the best thing, we didn't look any weirder than all the other people and their costumes.

My favorite costume last night I have to say: a group of 5 people dressed up as pinguins and walk in the street in a single line as if they were real pinguins! heheh so goo, wish I had a pic of that!

Hello say goodbye I say hello!

I have had this Beatles song in my head since we signed for our new place yesterday - hehe and the Target commercials are not really helping, on top of that! The other place is making us move a bit before the lease for our old apartment ends, so we are trying to rent the old one out after we're out (should be fairly easy in New York city). So here we are on Craigslist now!

Some pics of the soon-to-be-old place: