Sunday, August 19, 2007

Long time gone!

I know, I know, don't tell me (I can hear Stephie complaining from where I am!) it's been a while since I posted on my blog! It's been a busy past month folks!! And I had to find an apartement...and I've been traveling some more...and a Leprechaun that jumped out of a Guinness stole my computer...ok, I have no more lausy excuses for not writting. BUT I promise never to do it again. Almost never. Not often at least. :D

Alright, so it's true that I had to find my apartment! And I did! You don't even know how challenging it is to find a decent place in Dublin. Housing is outrageously expensive - when I talk to my sister who is currently renting a 3 bedroom house for about 450 euros a months....makes me want to cry. Anyway, I really though I'd end up finding a nice bridge to live under - woudln't have you liked this, Anke :D I would have prepared you a NICE bed right by the river :)

But in the end I ended up finding something. Of course I am paying way too much for it, but I was starting to get a bit desperate - and I must say I really like this one. A lot of light - really important when you live in a country that is covered by clouds 99% of the year and a nice homy feeling to it, I think :) Oh, and did I mention it is in the "ethnic" part of town so I have like 15 Chinese and Korean BBQ restaurant in the streets around. Ha ha. That should be good times ;)

I live in the city center, if you guys come visit me you can easily take the bus from the airport and it will drop you off only a couple streets away from mine. My place is technically "North of the Liffey - North of the River" as they say here - so my friends make fun of me: people here like to make the distinction between the "South" and the "North" (the North supposedly being a bit more dodgy)...yeah my ethnic neighborhood :)

Enjoy the pics!

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Anonymous said...

Finally! Thanks for the updates my international friend! -Stephie