Sunday, August 26, 2007

Anke visiting!

My friend Anke, who studied with me at the University of Arizona and a big salsa friend of mine, came to Dublin this weekend to visit me :) Luckily she came during the first and only weekend without rain this summer!!! Lucky her :) Of course she keeps telling me that she is the one who brought the sunshine :P uh uh. We went around the city, had nice dinners, chilled at home, walk around through temple bar and went to the farmer's market......and got yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum Butler's hot chocolate! :D We are ALL about food! The Dublin castle where currently has a great sand statue exhibit in the courtyard. The theme: Irish writers. Very impressive! My favorite piece was Gulliver's travels'..I was just surprised that they manage to keep them up given all the rain of these past few days :)

We also went to Church to have a pint of Guinness.....well, let me explain for those of you who are starting to wonder :D The place I call the Church - I say, I call because it's not it's real name- is an old Church that was reconverted in a nice bar//loundge. One of my fav han outs here, and they often have nice music to add to the atmosphere. Those Irish, let me tell you....they really can't hold their drinking :)

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