Sunday, July 1, 2007


Enough time spent in airplanes and airports! Just got to London today, and am already in love with this city! Just a feeling about it, something I felt walking in the small streets of the city center, or by the Thames river. The city is just vibrant, so much energy, but at the same time there is also something soothing about it. Of course, right now you can definitely feel the tension due to the latest bombings, and it is hard to miss the many cops and army men patrolling the streets of the city, or the random searches of vehicles. Regardless, I am just amazed with this city. Maybe I will extend my stay by a a few days....- after all, I do have to go through London on my way to Lisbon this weekend. Just a thought ;) This way it would also give me more time to see my high school friend Celine, who moved to London in January :)Qu'on fasse un peu la fete, ma Celinette :)

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