Saturday, July 7, 2007

God Save the Audrey

oh yes I really need to be saved!!!! I swear I was almost getting used to people driving on the left side, then went to Belgium for a week and it screwed up all of my efforts. Oh and those London drivers, they're pretty fast too let me tell you :) then going to Portugal, and people on the right side....and then Dublin! Geeeese they really want me killed :D

So afterall, I did end up extending my stay, and oooh am so not regretting it! More time spent with my coworkers - they are OK folks ;) But B you get all of the hate, out of everybody;) :D. And then I was able to spend the weekend with Celinette :) We went shopping in the city center. We also went to the Camden area, and I absolutely LOVED it! Boths and little shops one after another, original cloths, jewels and all sorts of random thingsm , any type of cheap food you may want, colors, people, commotion, fun....just amazing! If any of you ever comes to London, make sure you take some time to take the Northern line and hang around Camden :)

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